Give the gift of Brain Berries

Give the gift of Brain Berries!

In time for the holidays, give the gift of health & wellness knowledge from over 300 scholarly papers on how to feed, exercise and maintain a healthy brain & body at every stage of life, and avoid the costly and sometimes dangerous products in health food stores. Available in paperback, Kindle, Audible and Apple audiobooks:  Amazon  & Apple.

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Brantz Myers

Brantz started his professional career in Health Informatics in 1986.  He created a small consultancy company and one of his first projects was to develop an Electronic Medical Record system with a strong analytics engine to support a Neurologist's clinical practice and research projects.  Brantz and his small team took the application to market, successfully enabling several customers which ultimately led to the sale of the company.  He then went into general IT Sales and Marketing for the next 20 years where he worked and waited for the healthcare industry to ready itself for the new potential that health informatics had to offer.  Brantz is now fully engaged in the challenge of transforming Healthcare in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

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